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Steel structures and rolled metal producers will present their opportunities at Expocentre Fairgrounds

Today international specialized metallurgical exhibition Metallurgy.Russia'2023, Litmash.Russia'2023, SteelStructures'2023 opened at 10 o'clock in ...

06 June, 18:13

NLMK Group will talk about new trends in the construction of real estate on a steel frame and from light steel thin-walled structures.

NLMK Group will take part in the exhibition "SteelStructures'2023", which will be held June 6 - 8 at Expocentre Fairg...

01 June, 17:04

Metal Supply and Sales Magazine will hold a series of events for suppliers of metal products and metal structures at June 5-8

At June 5-8 Metal Supply and Sales Magazine with industrial associations and leading manufacturers of metal products will hold series...

01 June, 14:52

Manufacturers of steel structures will meet at the Expocenter Fairgrounds on June 7

On June 7, as part of the second working day of the business program of the specialized exhibition SteelStructures'2023, the 8th All-Russian Conference Steel Structures Industry: Struc...

01 June, 14:47

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Construction and assembly organizations. Choosing a reliable partner.

Тематика выставки

Steel strcutures: beams, rigs and columns (for all types of buildings)

Steel structures: profiles for road building

Steel strcutures: antenna masts and power lines

Steel strucutres: light gauge steel framings: bearing, enclosure, wall and roofing systems, shaped decking

Steel structures: other types

Aluminium structures: translucent systems

Aluminium structures: facade systems

Aluminium structures: enclosure systems

Aluminium structures: other types

Steel construction products: rolled stock and profiles for steel structures

Steel construction products: aluminium profiles

Steel construction products: welding materials

Steel construction products: fasteners

Equipment for steel structures manufacture: rolling, roll-forming, welding etc.

Steel structures design, manufacture and set up

Steel structures corrosion protection

Steel structures protection from extreme temperatures

Handling equipment, equipment for stocks

Scientific and research equipment

Transport and logistics

Unions, mass media, IT technologies, online-trading, automation of industrial and business processes

Партнеры выставки

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