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Germany to Exhibit Most State-of-the-Art Solutions at Metal-Expo’2019

German exposition is one of the biggest ones among other EU expositions at Metal-Expo’2019 . This year more than 30 biggest German engineering companies, steel products manufacturers, as well as suppliers o...

19 August, 10:20

Winners of Roofing Contest’2019 Visited SSAB Facilities in Finland

In July 2019 winners of The Roofing Contest’2019 organized by UNIKMA visited SSAB facilities in Hameenlinna, Finland specializing in GreenCoat® color coated steels to see the coating line and the laboratory. Th...

14 August, 10:51

China to Exhibit Best Steel Products and Solutions at Metal-Expo’2019

The Chinese exposition with more than 80 steel and engineering companies is one of the biggest among other international expositions exhibiting at Metal-Expo’2019 , the 25 th Jubilee International Industria...

12 August, 10:28

More Than 30 Italian Steel and Engineering Companies to Exhibit at Metal-Expo’2019

Steel and engineering companies from Italy exhibit on a regular basis at Metal-Expo , the biggest steel industry event in Russia and the CIS. Along with Germany Italy is one of the biggest ...

05 August, 10:44

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