Vostokmetallurgmontazh-1, JSC

12A, 2-ya Paveletskaya ul., Chalyabinsk 454047, Russia
+7 (351) 735-96-23
Website :

Vostokmetallurgmontazh-1, CJSC is one of the leading specialized enterprises of Russia with the experience of more than 75 years.

Main fields of activities:

- Full set of construction and assembly works in all industries ″turn-key ready″ fully by ourselves;

- Manufacturing of high quality building metal structures using the automated equipment Voortman;

- Manufacturing of technological and non-standard equipment;

- Manufacturing of vessel equipment, including the nuclear industry.

The priority in developing the Vostokmetallurgmontazh-1, CJSC is the improvement of the technological cycle in order to increase the quality and to decrease the production costs.

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