Foundry technologies and steel construction will receive a new impetus for development

On June 4th – 6th , 2024, Moscow will host a complex of specialized exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia’2024, Litmash.Russia’2024, as well as a forum for manufacturers of steel structures, steel products and their consumers - SteelStructures’2024.

Hall 3 and Forum Hall at Expocentre will showcase a diverse selection of equipment and technologies for metallurgy, metal processing, machine building, and foundry production as part of the traditional exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2024 and Litmash.Russia'2024. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the latest technologies, engineering solutions, and consumables from Russian, Chinese, and Turkish foundry companies and suppliers. This will enable them to gain insight into modern foundry industry processes, strengthen existing partnerships, establish new ones, and monitor market conditions and prices. Exhibition visitors can access comprehensive information on technological innovations and trends across all aspects of metals, foundry technologies, accessories, and castings.

The foundry sector produces over 60% of the components for the mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries, with an annual production volume of up to 5 million tons of products. Due to high demand, new production facilities and foundry sites are being opened to meet market demands. The industry is currently undergoing technical re-equipment and new investments. The demand for injection molding and investment casting equipment in the Russian market has significantly increased. Additionally, there is a high demand for modifiers used in post-furnace processing of cast iron and steel. 

New Foundry Technologies, Politeg, TMK, RusLitTech, Litmashpribor, RLM, Meliteg, AKS Plant, EuroTechLit, Intema, TradeLit Engineering, NPP Technology, Uralchimplast, i3D, Alliance Prom, Karbohim and other companies will exhibit their products, equipment, and solutions at the SteelStructures’2024 exhibition.

International exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2024, Litmash.Russia'2024 will be held with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the International Union Metallurgmash, the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Russia, the Russian Union suppliers of metal products and the Russian Foundry Association. Over the years, the exhibition complex has established itself as a meeting place for a wide range of professionals. Target groups of visitors from key industrial sectors - metallurgy, metalworking, mechanical engineering, energy, oil and gas and construction - will be able to learn about all the innovations and the latest trends in the development of the foundry industry. The SteelStructures’2024 exhibition, in its turn, will bring together manufacturers and consumers of steel structures, designers, constructors and developers. The production volume of metal structures exceeds 4 million tons per year. According to experts, the capacity of this market will increase by 20-30% until 2030. In 2024 further development of infrastructure construction is expected - new road and railway networks, airports, as well as the Northern Sea Route and other transport corridors. The modernization of housing and communal services, which will also require a large number of steel structures, is yet to be done. The main drivers of demand for metal structures will be infrastructure and industrial construction, as well as multi- storey construction based on steel frames and modular low-rise housing construction. The prospects for market development will be discussed in detail on June 4-6, 2024 during the SteelStructures’2024 exhibition.

Severstal, A GRUPP Steel Structures, Tula Metalworking Company, SE Steel Constructions - Proflist, Kazan Steel Profiles, SE Konus, Zinker, ARS-PROM GROUP LLC, ETALON LLC, and Tochinvest Zinc will present a new line of products, solutions, and services for the construction industry at the exhibition site. NLMK Group and Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Severstal-metiz, Rechickij Metiznyj Zavod, and other leading companies in the metal construction sector manufacture high-strength fasteners such as Parallel and Bervel. Additionally, Romanov Construction Bureau, Dedenevsky Metalware Plant, Sosnovoborsky ZMK, Novostal-M, Chelyabinsk Zinc Plant, and Expert Trade (which produces and galvanises steel structures under the trademark 'Gorzinc.rf') are also prominent players in this industry.   Anticipate a significant influx of visitors from various regions, including Russia, China, Turkey, and other countries.

The Russian Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, is implementing a roadmap to expand the use of steel in construction. Steel construction is now under intense pressure to grow, with the main growth areas being road and port infrastructure projects, as well as agricultural infrastructure. Russian developers are showing increasing interest in steel-framed housing construction. Steel structures are now in high demand not only for the industrial and infrastructure sectors but also for social projects such as medical, educational, social, and sports centres. The use of steel structures in these projects can help save time and investment. Additionally, there is a high demand for road barriers, lighting masts, and agricultural machinery products.

Currently, there is a new wave of construction of hot-dip galvanising lines for steel structures. The high business interest in the construction of hot-dip galvanising plants, with over 60 already in Russia, indicates a growing market. There is a demand for metal structures with a long life cycle, which are protected from corrosion by hot-dip galvanising. The demand for steel structures arises from infrastructure projects, road and industrial construction, energy, Russian Railways (the country's largest transport corporation), and the oil and gas sector.

The exhibition Steel Structures 2024 will be accompanied by the All-Russian conference "High Quality Fasteners - Reliability of Machines and Metal Structures", the meeting - round table of manufacturers of galvanised and painted rolled products, the conference "Modern Equipment and Technologies for Corrosion Protection of Metal Structures", the All-Russian conference "Steel Structures: Main Trends in 2024: Conferences will be held on e-commerce and marketplaces in the metals market, equipment and technologies for processing coated steel, and a round table on steel and aluminium construction. Additionally, the results of the Power of Metal competition will be announced, which will determine the best solutions for the use of steel and aluminium in construction. The events will be partnered with leading industry research institutes and associations, such as the Ministry of Construction of Russia, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Association for the Development of Steel Construction, the Russian Union of Metal Products Suppliers, the V.A. Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Steel Construction, the Melnikov Central Research Institute of Steel Construction, the Zinc Development Centre, and the Prommetiz Association. Effective coordination of all stakeholders is crucial in promoting the use of metal products in the construction industry. This is the key to the success of the Metal Builders Forum.

The communication platform for these exhibitions provides the professional community with the opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas, to hold meetings on a wide range of actual issues and topics related to foundry, metallurgical, metal processing and metal construction technologies.

We invite you to take part in the complex of exhibitions Steel Structures'2024, Metallurgy.Russia'2024, Litmash.Russia'2024 on 4-6 June 2024!

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