United Metallurgical Company

28/2, Ozerkovskaya nab., Moscow 115184, Russia
+7 (495) 231-77-71
Website :

AO OMK is one of Russia's premier manufacturers of metal products for energy, transportation, industry, and construction leaders. The Company’s wide product range includes round and shape tubulars and flat steel for construction industry.

AO VSW, which is a part of AO OMK Group, has been recognized as worldwide leader in production system evolution by being awarded a Toyota Engineering Corporation Gold Medal. AO VSW’s performance is comparable to production system level of US aerospace industry and South Korea and Japan’s car factories.

Some image projects using OMK tubulars: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium (formerly: Volga Arena Stadium), Pobeda Stadium (Volgograd), Mordovia Arena (Saransk), Spartak Stadium (Moscow), Simferopol International Airport, Lakhta Center, and more.

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