SteelStructurtes’2019 Revealed Current Trends in Metal Construction

SteelStructures’2019, the 4th International Exhibition was held on May 14-17, Hall 8 Expecenter Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia.  This year the main forum for metal builders gathered together  metal construction professionals from Russia and abroad, among them manufacturers and suppliers of steel structures and construction steel products, equipment and solutions as well as steel products end-users. More than 3k industry professionals visited the event.

125 companies among them Severstal Steel Solutions, A GRUPP Steel Structures, Istrinsky and Novinsky Steel Structures Plants, Vostokmetallurgmontazh-1, MAMI Steel Structures Plant, Steel Structures Group, DiPOS, Kazan Steel Profiles, Spetsprokat, Degesta, Alliance, Profile Group and many more exhibited their latest products and the most state-of-the-art solutions.

Steel products manufacturers and suppliers among them MMK, EVRAZ Metall Inprom, Ashinskiy Metallurgical Works, Korolevsky Pipe Works, A GUPP, MMK-METIZ, Severstal-Metiz, Parallel, BERVEL, Rechitsky Metizny Plant, Profile Group etc. exhibited the latest steel products for various industries  including steel structures and fasteners of high-resistance steels.  Thus, Severstal Steel Solutions exhibited rolled products of 4ХГНДЦ steel grade not requiring corrosion treatment. Steel structures of the same steel grade were also exhibited at Novinsky Steel Structures Plant. A wide range of fasteners of 40ХГНМДФ steel grade was exhibited by BERVEL.

Severstal-Metiz presented its new product Build Quick heavy-duty fasteners used in steel structures assembly to make it quicker and easier. DiPOS launched production of welded graded decking at its Verkhnevolzhsk facilities. Romek exhibited a wide range of Kraft handling machines. Steel Structures Group launched production of new types of shaped decking СКН 127. This unique product can compete with the traditional shaped decking 114 due to its cost-effectiveness and durability. 

According to SteelStructures’2019 exhibitors, the event provides a good opportunity to assess the market and establish new business contacts. “We are light-gauged steel structures manufacturer and this product type is in high demand in the market. The event is very well organized. Since most of the visitors are our target audience we always establish new business contact at this exhibition”, comments Irek Garipov, Deputy General Manager, Kazan Steel Profiles.

Other exhibitors also note a high level of SteelStructures’2019 organization and its business atmosphere. “This event is visited not by a limited number of industry professionals, but by potential contractors who ask right questions”, says Valeria Khlapova, Head of Marketing, BERVEL.
The program of SteelStructres’2019 includs more than 20 events: conferences, seminars, master classes and roundtables on the most pressing problems of the industry. Among the organizers are industrial unions, associations and research institutions: Steel Construction Development Association, Kucherenko’s TsNIIPSK, Melnikov’s TsNIIPSK, TRANSSTROYPROYEKT, NAPPAN, Zinc Development Center, Chef Welders’ Association, Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers etc.

Delegates of Steel Structures: Market Structure and Industry Prospects, the 4th All-Russia Conference organized by Metal Supply and Sales discussed issues of use of steel structures in Russia and abroad, methods of technical regulation of steel structures manufacture and use, overcoming difficulties of metal construction development, as well as prospects of use of modern types of construction rolled products. According to the market players, the demand for construction rolled products will show sustainable growth due to implementations of various national projects implying housing and infrastructure constructions. Although the market players are ready for the new projects mastering new products and launching fully automated digital productions helping increase productivity, the norms and regulation severely hinder the process. 
The issues discussed at the conference were touched upon at other events as well among them trends, modern types of equipment, and solutions for steel structures galvanizing, new trends in welding, coating, steel tubes quality control etc. During the exhibition Steel Construction Development Association summed up interim results and worked out further steps of popularization of steel structures use in construction, national projects included. 

New approaches to working out business marketing strategy in the current economic situation were discussed at a meeting of heads of marketing of steel companies (more than 30 marketing professionals attended the event). 

The most pressing problems of the metal construction industry were discussed during SteelStructures’2019. Delegates of Metal Construction: Implemented Projects roundtable shared their experiences in design and building objects using steel frames and discussed ways of application of corrugated beams in construction. Some 80 industry professionals among them steel structures designers and producers discussed trends and prospects of development of modern bridge building. Among other topics the roundtable covered BIM in design and construction, technical norms and regulations in the galvanized and pre-painted rolled products market, sandwich panes, metal tiles and shaped decking markets etc. 
A number of master classes were held during SteelStructures’2019 among them Modern Types of Steel Structures, a master class for designers to share experiences in design and expertise of steel framed objects and a master class on galvanizing technologies. 
During SteelStructures’2019 winners of Power of Metal, the 4th Annual Contest were awarded for the best solutions for use of steel and aluminium in construction. Among the 11 winners of 24 projects are Novinsky Steel Structures Plants, Severstal Steel Solutions, Project Solutions Design Bureau, Gidromontazh, Di Ferro, Stalkonstruktsiya Abakan, Kazan Steel Profiles, Adgezia — Steel Structures, Metal Profile, Alros, and Promodul.

“The exhibition concurrent events are all very interesting and informative. We discuss the most pressing problems of the industry while speakers present the most up-to-date Russian and international technologies of welding, cutting and slitting, coating, automation etc.“, commented Yury Podkopaev, President Chief Welders’ Association. 

“The exhibition as a whole and our conference in particular are very successful. This year we have had more delegates, among them many decision makers. Many interesting projects will be launched due to the exhibition to expand use of steel structures in construction and other industries”, said Vladislav Polkin, Director, Zinc Development Center. 

“SteelStructures’2019 has proven its efficiency as a platform for a constructive dialogue among steel structures manufactures and end-users. The event has already become traditional, its program extends covering new issues of metal construction every year”, commented Alexander Romanov, General Manager, Metal Supply and Sales and Co-Chairman, Metal-Expo Organizing Committee. 

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