Welding Center Ltd.

2, Admirala Makarova ul., Moscow 125212, Russia
+7 (499) 213-20-00, +7 (391) 291-10-18
Website :
www.giperplasma.ru, www.centresm.ru, www.smpweld.ru, www.hgplazma.ru, www.centrsvarki.ru

Welding Center Ltd is a supplier of СNС machinery for thermal metal cutting.
We are an official dealer of Hypertherm (USA) — world leader in plasma power source manufacturing for manual and mechanized metal cutting.
We integrate high-technology equipment to production sites, supply welding torches, consumable parts for welding and plasma cutting, welding wire, electrodes and flux.
Welding Center houses an authorized service center for Hypertherm, and SMP technik. We service any welding and plasma cutting СNС equipment and carry out aftersales service.

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