Kolchugino Pipe Plant Metallinvest

16A, 25D, K. Marksa ul., Kolchugino, the Vladimir region 601785, Russia
+7 (495) 725-10-94
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Kolchuginsky Pipe Plant Metallinvest (KPPM) was commissioned in 2021 and became the third pipe plant of Tagil Steel Holding and the first in the Central Federal District. The plant specializes in the production of electric-welded round and shaped pipes used in construction, energy and oil and gas industries, as well as in mechanical engineering.
In June 2021, a 200 direct forming mill was commissioned at KPPM. It enables the production of unique pipe sizes with an assembly rate of 20 tons or more, and ensures the high quality of products, which strictly comply with the regulations established by the State Standard of the Russian Federation.Equipment capabilities allow manufacture of pipes of any size and with a 1 mm pitch on the pipe side. The adjustment of the pipe size can be done in just 30 minutes.
Kolchuginsky Pipe Plant Metallinvest's annual production capacity is 120,000 tons of small- and medium-diameter pipes and sectional pipes. Today, KPPM offers electric-welded square and rectangular pipes from 40x40 to 80x40 with walls of 2-4 mm, from 80x80 to 200x200 with walls of 4-12 mm, and electric-welded round pipes with a diameter of 57-114 with walls of 2-4.5 mm. For electric-welded square and rectangular section pipes from 40x40 to 80x40 and round pipes with the diameter of 57-114, it is possible to galvanize the seam.
KPPM offers for factories of metal constructions - pipes of non-standard sizes 93*93 and 102*102 (analogue of pipes 100*100 and 120*120) allows you to save significantly on metal intensity of the product. As well as a profile 200*80*5 (analogue of channel 20U) the size is able to replace the channel, the pipe significantly lower in cost.
In July 2022, KPPM plans to launch the production of metal polymer pipes from 20x20 to 50x50 mm with a wall thickness of 1.5-4 mm, in a Yawei mill with a design capacity of 20,000 tons per year.
Special attention is paid to product quality and quality control at all stages of the production process. Quality control is ensured by non-destructive eddy current inspection of welded seam, tensile testing, hydraulic testing, etc., which exclude the possibility of producing defective products. All pipe products undergo mandatory anti-corrosion treatment with special compositions of cooling lubricants, which allows preserving the quality of the pipe during long-term storage.

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