SteelStructures’2022 to Show the Latest Trends in Metal Construction

SteelStructures’2022, the 7th International Industrial Exhibition will be held on June 21–23 at Expocentre, Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia. The main forum for steel constructors will bring together the key market players among them manufacturers and suppliers of steel structures and steel products for the construction industry, equipment, as well as end-users of their products and services.

The exhibition will show the whole range of steel products, equipment and the latest solutions for the construction industry. Exhibitors and visitors use the event as a perfect platform to arrange business meetings, show business opportunities, assess the market, find new partners, and sign agreements.

End-users of steel structures and steel products will have a good opportunity at this annual forum to know the latest market trends, the range of products in the market, consult with market professionals and find solutions to their business tasks.

“The exhibition will help popularize the best practices in the steel construction industry and help spread the latest solutions to steel structures design, manufacture, set up and use, as well as business organization, steel structures manufacture and supply of best types of materials for steel construction. I believe, strengthening collaborations between steel constructors, steel producers, suppliers, as well as engineers, designers, high schools and state bodies will help develop steel construction as an industry”, commented A. Romanov, Co-Chairman of the Exhibition Organizing Committee.

A number of events will be held in parallel to SteelStructures’2022, among them E-Commerce in the Steel Market, the 1st All-Russia Conference, and a conference on corrosion protection equipment and solutions, a conference on high-quality fasteners, a meeting marketing professionals, a roundtable for manufacturers of galvanized and pre-coated rolled products and many more will be held.

Also, during the event Steel Construction Development Association will hold its traditional meeting and a round table on development of regulatory-technical base for steel structures manufacture. Metal Supply and Sales journal will hold Steel Structures: Main Trends 2022, the 7th All-Russia Conference, Transstroyproject will hold a round table Modern Steel Bridge-Building: Tasks, Advantages, Prospects, since bridge-building is one of the biggest steel structures using industry, moreover, all concerned industry professionals will be able to attend a conference on steel structures welding, thermal cutting and coating.

The exhibition management will award winners of contest for the Best Solutions to Use of Steel and Aluminium in Construction. 11 of 28 projects competing in 2021 were awarded medals.

A number of master classes and seminars on the most pressing industry problems, among them: steel structures design and use norms, equipping steel structures plants, galvanizing solutions etc. will be held in parallel to the exhibition. Last, but not least, the 25th Jubilee Annual Congress of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers will be held on June 23, the last day of the exhibition.

Steel structures are one of the most promising products: 13% of high-rise buildings in Russia are built using steel frames while in more developed economies it is 50—65%. On the average, 20—30% of steel structures use accounts for frames for office centers, shopping malls, multipurpose complexes, high-rise buildings, industrial buildings etc. The fact that steel frames are still underused in residential buildings gives striking potential to steel structures manufacture and use.

All classical and new types of materials are used in metal construction, among them beams, channels, angles, bent shapes of galvanized and polymer steels, sandwich panels, light-gauged steel structures etc., the latter made a big step in the industry development significantly expanding use of steels in construction. Extended use of galvanized, polymer, aluminium and other types of products in the construction market gave architects and designers freedom to create unique solutions to industrial and residential constructions.

SteelStructures’2022 as the key event for the metal construction industry will bring together steel producers, and their end-users. As the main business platform, the event facilitates development of the nation metal construction industry making the business more transparent.

Welcome to SteelStructures’2022, the 7th International Industrial Exhibition, June 21–23 at Expocentre, Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia!

SteelStructures’2022 Team

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