Parallel Ltd.

137, Moskovskoe shosse, Orel 302025, Russia
+7 (4862) 36-90-36, 36-90-41
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Parallel is a modern company specializing in fasteners manufacturing in the center of Russia. Fasteners are made according to the best world technologies, which allow to obtain absolute repeatability of products in a batch of any volume.
We manufacture fasteners according to GOST, ISO, EN, items of the highest responsibility, engineering details — according to the drawings.
Diameter: from M5 to M150.
Length: 10 to 3000 mm.
Strength classes: from 3.6 to 14.9.
Raw materials: common and rare, incl. stainless, weatherproof, titanium-containing steels.
Threads: all kinds of threads, any length and pitch.
Protective coatings: galvanic and thermal diffusion zinc coatings, hot dip galvanizing, cadmium plating, zinc-lamellar coating.
Heat treatment of products up to 3000mm long.
Complete sets: we deliver products in sets (bolt-nut set; mounting kits for supports; bolts screwed with nuts) with orders starting from of 1 piece to tens of tons.
Certified Laboratory: performs all types of product testing using destructive and non-destructive methods.
The biggest logistics center of metric fasteners in the industry.

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