Melnikov Central Research and Design Institute of Steel Structures

49, Arkhitektora Vlasova ul., Moscow 117997, Russia
+7 (495) 660-79-00
Website :

Melnikov Institute (STAKO) is a leading design and research institute in the field of construction steel structures.
What we do:
- general design;
- design of buildings and structures of an increased level of responsibility, tanks, high-rise structures;
- research and design support;
- inspection of building steel structures, non-destructive testing, determination of the causes of destruction and corrosion formation;
- monitoring of the technical condition of building steel structures, bases and foundations;
- examination of metals, alloys, welded joints. Selection and development of steel compositions analogous to foreign ones;
- development of anti-corrosion protection projects, accelerated climatic tests of paint and metal coatings;
- examination of the hinged facade systems bearing capacity.

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