Tagil Steel, Industrial and Metallurgical Holding LLC

38, Krasnoarmeyskaya ul., Nizhny Tagil, the Sverdlovsk region 622001, Russia
+7 (3435) 49-57-00
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The industrial and metallurgical holding Tagil Steel is the production assets of Metallinvest. The holding includes the following plants in its structure: Nizhniy Tagil Pipe Plant Metallinvest, Pipe Plant of Irbit Metallinvest, Pipe Plant of Kolchugino Metallinvest, as well as the direction of design, production and installation of metal structures represented by the facilities of the Yuzhnouralsk metalwork Metallinvest and Metallinvest-ZMK (Nizhniy Tagil). NizhniyTagil Pipe Plant Metallinvest (NTTZM) and Irbit Pipe Plant Metallinvest (ITZM)
— factories that specialize in the production of round steel electric-welded pipes, shaped pipes of square and rectangular cross-sections, as well as bent channels and piles.
The factories are equipped with modern equipment that allows them to produce pipes of any length at the request of the customer. At ITZM (Irbit Pipe Plant Metallinvest) there is a line for the production of pipes in PU foam insulation. Product quality is guaranteed by production technology, as well as a modern quality control system using various devices and installations.
NTTZM and ITZM are included in the list of major largest pipe manufacturers, offering a wide range of pipes for oil and gas, fuel and energy companies.
Kolchugino Pipe Plant Metallinvest (KTZM) from November 2020 is planned to commission KTZM, the production capacity of which is 10 thousand tons per month of shaped and round pipes of medium diameter. The warehouse area of KTZM will allow placing on its territory significant volumes of stocks of pipe products produced not only by KTZM, but also ITZM and NTTZM products.
Metallinvest Steel Structures Plant (MIZMK) and the South Ural Steel Structures Plant (YUZMK) are manufacturing enterprises specializing in the manufacture and installation of metal structures for industrial and civil purposes. It produces metal structures for the construction, machine-building, oil, gas and energy industries. The factories produce both standard and complex non-standard metal structures.
MIZMK and YUZMK are fully equipped with modern, high-performance equipment and machines from the world's best manufacturers, such as Voortman, Peddinghaus and others. The total production capacity of ZMK is 46 thousand tons per year. Our own design office allows us to develop structural detail drawings in the shortest period, and design is carried out in Tekla software. ZMK has the ability to apply a fire retardant coating to metal structures in the factory.
To perform this type of work, ZMK has a license, the necessary equipment and qualified specialists.
The factories supply steel structures throughout Russia, as well as neighboring countries, by rail and by road.

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