ABC Farben

1/1, Revolutsii prospekt, Voronezh 394036, Russia
+7 (905) 655-22-88
Website :

High-strength coatings Farben and Farben Prof are designed to reliably protect metal surfaces, providing resistance to aggressive environmental influences, chemical resistance, as well as to increase the service life of metal structures even under extreme external conditions. Since 1995, we have been producing a wide range of paint and varnish products for construction and repair work of the entire building, from floor to roof. For production, we use exclusively high-quality raw materials, including raw materials that we synthesize ourselves. With the experience gained in various applications of paint and varnish materials, we offer a full range of coatings: from quick-drying systems that increase the speed of work, to environmentally friendly coatings. We not only produce and supply paint coatings, we remain a partner that you can rely on. We value our customers by providing solutions to optimize the workflow, save money, time and labor.

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