Steel Structures and Advanced Solutions to Civil and Industrial Construction were Exhibited in Moscow

SteelStructures’2017, the 2d International Exhibition, a specialized event for metal construction professionals was held on 5 - 8 June in Moscow, Russia.

The forum successfully combines the exhibition and a business platform for all the industry professionals. This year the number of exhibitors grew to 125. Among them Russian and international steel structures producers, steel rolled products suppliers, equipment distributors, design firms, scientific and research companies, as well as end-users of steel and aluminium structures.

A number of companies especially for the SteelStructures’2017 prepared presentations of new products and solutions for metal construction. Thus, Kazan Steel Profiles presented a new line in the production program – manufacture of shaped decking and metal tiles including Spanish Sierra which is considered to be unique due to its shapes, sizes and fields of application, GP Steel Structures announced manufacture of a new profile SKM 127, which will become an alternative to the widely used in spans construction shaped decking Н-114. Teplant mastered manufacture of 300mm sandwich-panels, GF Profile developed manufacture and supplies of innovative products for road and infrastructures buildings, Asha Steel Works presented a number of products for steel structures manufacture including a 12m steel sheet for welded beams manufacture, Korolyov Tubes Mill extended the products range for steel structures manufacture. Manufacturers of equipment for steel structures plants also presented their latest solutions at the event.

Steel Construction Development Association and Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers took an active part in the exposition arrangement and composing the program of events.

The exhibitors of the event highly appreciated a high level of the organization and a keen interest of the visitors.

"We are participating for the second time in the vent for we see its importance for our business development, getting feedback and finding new partners", commented Irek Garipov, Deputy General Manager, Kazan Steel Profiles.

"The exhibition reflects an actual state of things in metal construction. Participation in SteelStructures shows that the company develops together with the market", said Yury Vertoprakhov, General Manager, Teplant.

"The business activity is higher this year. In general we have reached our goals. We are pleased to notice that this year there are more bridge builders among the exhibitors", said Dmitry Kharlamov, General Manager, Transstroyproyect.

The fact that the number of international exhibitors in 2017 grew speaks for positive changes in the Russian steel structures market.

"It is a very good exhibition. We have contacted many potential customers among exhibitors and visitors. We have established many good contacts with producers as well as research and engineering companies. We do hope that eventually they will grow into a long-term cooperation", commented Luciano Tosini, Cofounder, Strains (France).

"There is mostly target audience at the exhibition, no drop-in visitors. Professionals come here to find solutions to their businesses. We have established many interesting contacts to be developed", said Olga Komarova, Sales and Marketing, Voortman Steel Group (The Netherlands).  

"We are very happy with the results. Many contacts and opportunities for cooperation. Some our potential customers have already sent us projects to be developed", said Maksat Atayev, Sales Manager, Altinyaldiz (Turkey).

More than 20 events were held during the 4 days of the exhibition.

The main event of the business program was Steel Structures: State of Thing and Prospects, The All-Russia Conference covering issues of use of steel structures globally and in Russia, overcoming barriers hindering development of the industry, as well as improving technical regulation procedures. The delegates of the conference also discussed and assessed prospects of use of modern types of steel rolled products, steel products and structures in construction, key market players, and types of equipment.

Professionals believe the Russian steel structures market has a potential to grow 500kt annually. The main drivers of the growth are residential, industrial and infrastructure constructions. Improving of the norms in construction and use of the best international solutions will certainly speed up the growth of the industry.

The conference ended with awarding the winners in Power of Metal contest for the best solutions to applications of steel and aluminium in construction. Among the winners are projects by: Severstal Steel Solutions, VARK – Industrial Structures, THYSSEN SCACHTBAU GMBH, Belenergomash, Galaktika, GF Profile, Chelyabinsk Steel Structures Plant, AGRISOVGAZ, Melnikov’s TsNIIPSK and Transstroyproyekt.

For the first time specialized events on building of multi-level car parks and use of steel in bridge building were held during the exhibition. The issues were of interest among professionals.

Many conferences, seminars and roundtables on design, expertise, construction norms, cooperation among steel structures manufacturers and steel products suppliers, modern types of equipment, and solutions, welding technologies, steel structures protection etc were also held during the event.

The exhibition also hosted the 20th Congress of the Russian Union of Metal and Steel Suppliers and an annual meeting of Steel Construction Development Association.

SteelStructures is a perfect platform for solving business and industrial issues of metal construction professionals.

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