SteelStructures'2018: Efficient Forum for Metal Construction Development

SteelStructures’2018, the 3d International Exhibition for metal construction industry professionals was held on May 29 – June 1 in Moscow. 125 leading steel structures manufacturers and rolled stock suppliers, equipment distributors, design bureaus and research institutions exhibited solutions, technologies, the most state-of-the-art equipment and products for the metal construction industry. More than 3k industry professionals visited the event.

The exhibition gained such popularity due to high potential of the Russian metal construction, hard-driving program of events covering the most pressing problems of the industry, as well as industry leaders among its exhibitors.

Many exhibitors presented their latest products and solutions for the first time at SteelStructures’2018.

Thus, Novinsky Steel Structures Plant presented unique types of products: welded beams, I-beams and T-beams of various sections (bent incl.), light steel thin-walled structures etc.

ZMK Pulkovo presented SIN-beams: light welded steel structures of cold-rolled sheets with hot-rolled flanges welded to them. The company is the unique producer of such type of product in the North-West of Russia.

SIN-beams have a number of competitive advantages: high fixity, yield strength, considerable materials economy: up to 30% as compared to standard types of steel structures  and up to 40% as compared to hot-rolled I-beams.

INSI exhibited a part of Sprint-M quickly assembling building.

In 2018 Arsk-Metal is commissioning a new sandwich-panel line by Hilleng (Austria) with the average productive speed of 4 linear m a minute.

Krasnodar Steel Structures Plant presented solutions to manufacture of steel structures for general, industrial, and agriculture types of building, bridge structures, welded beams, electricity pylons, road fencings etc. The company plans to develop bridge steel structures manufacture due to active construction work going on in the Crimea.

Volzhsky Steel Structures Plant implements projects on modernization of Red October Volgograd Steel Works ecological facilities and supplies of steel structures for Yamal SPG project.

Kurganstalmost diversifies its production program incorporating iron and concrete products facilities and a sand quarry to increase competitiveness in the construction market.

In the last few years Kurganstalmost has successfully expanded its production program offering complex solutions to design of bridge structures, steel structures design and set up etc.

Kazan Steel Profiles exhibited at SteelStructures’2018 own produce: light thin-walled steel structures, premium meal tiles etc.

For more than 15 years STALMOSTDETAL has offered innovative solutions to design and building of iron and concrete structures.

MMK exhibited high-strength and durable MAGSTRONG steels used in steel structures manufacture.

MMK-METIZ exhibited a wide range of fasteners, welding wire, steel ropes and other types of hardware products.

Mechel-Service exhibited new types of commercial rolled products of various steel grades: structural carbon steels, structural low-alloyed steels for welded steel structures, high-strength steels etc. The company has mastered production of 18U, 22U and 24U channels at its rails and beams facilities. The production program includes manufacture of 20U, 27U, 30U, and 16U channels as well.

SteelStructures’2018 exhibitors rated the level of the organization as very high pointing out visitors’ keen interest.

"The main advantage of the forum is target audience: 90% of all the visitors are industry professionals. We hope to find new customers and partners. The best technicians of the company working on our stand are ready to consult on any issue related to sandwich panels use”, commented Alexander Andreev, Commercial Director, Teplant.

"Exhibiting at such an event provides a good opportunity to contact key customers, establish new business relations and exhibit all our product lines", said Vadim Eremin, Commercial Director, Krasnodar Steel Structures Plant.

"Exhibiting at this event is by all means very important for our promotion and information exchange among the market players”, explained Yulia Ilchenko, Director for Sales, Volzhsky Steel Structures Plant.

"The forum provides a good opportunity to share the best practices and establish new business contacts", commented Marina Bezrekhova, Marketing and Sales, Kurganstalmost.  

SteelStructures’2018 program included more than 15 events on the most pressing problems of the industry.  

The key event was Steel Structures Market: Structures and Prospects, the All-Russia Conference. The conference covered use of steel structures in Russia and globally, solving the industry problems, improving technical regulation, prospects of use of modern types of steel rolled stock in construction, key market players, equipment and solutions for steel structures manufacture etc.

Awarding winners of Power of Metal contest for the best solutions to use of steel and aluminium in construction was held as part of the conferences. 16 projects were competing this year. Among the winners are: Novator Plant, MASTENERGO, Belenergomash, Décor Light Steel Structures Plant, Melnikov’s TSNIIPSK, and Transstroyproyekt.

The program of events also included seminars, roundtables, and conferences on buildings design and expertise, new in regulatory documents, coordination between steel structures manufacturers and steel products suppliers, contemporary types of equipment, modern solutions, welding technologies, steel structures protection etc.

An annual meeting of Steel Construction Development Association was also included in the events program.

SteelStrcutures’2018 is a perfect business platform for all the metal construction industry professionals.

Welcome to attend SteelStructres’2019!

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