14:04, 06 July 2018

A. Romanov: I am for a Fair Game (World Cup 2018)

The FIFA World Cup, Russia’2018 is at full swing. Like many other football fans, top managers and steel company leaders attend the matches in different cities. Metal Supply and Sales blitz-interviewed A. Romanov, Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Metal-Expo.

How do you like the football atmosphere that has taken hold of Russia as a whole and the steel community in particular?

It goes without saying, World Cup, Russia is organized at a very high level. Due to it many grandiose sports facilities and infrastructure objects were built using modern types of steel structures. All the stadiums are amazing yet everyone is unique. I am happy to see football fans from all over the world: Latin and South America, the USA, Africa, South-East Asia etc. Hopefully, after visiting Russia, Russian cities, their negative vision imposed by mass media will change.

You have attended the fantastic Spain-Portugal match. Probably it has been one of the most spectacular games of the World Cup. Please share your impressions with us.

Most of the time I was watching Ronaldo. During a goalmouth scramble Cristiano was calmly walking back and forth as if relaxing, but as soon as he got the ball he, of course, did everything he could, almost the impossible. The game ending in a tie was mainly due to him. The Spanish team also showed an amazing ball game, technique and coordination.

How do you like Fisht stadium and the football atmosphere in such a wonderful resort as Sochi?

Everything is perfect. Volunteers and animators are doing a great job. The stadium is very well designed and the field can be seen perfectly well from any spot. The lighting is also very good.

How do you estimate the chances of the Russian team?

I believe, the Russian team will enter 1/8 final. We will see, what happens next. I hope they will do their best.

What team is your favorite?

Since there are many strong teams, it is hard to say who will become the champion. Moreover, the results of many matches are quite unpredictable: Germany-Mexico: 0-1, Brazil-Switzerland: 1-1, Iceland –Argentina: 1:1 etc. Many teams are very well-trained and all fight to the end, no compromises. I am for a faire game!

What matches are you planning to visit?

I am planning to visit Germany – Sweden and, perhaps, some more.

What games in your opinion, aid development of economic, political, and sport potentials in Russia?

The sport of records has come to Russia strengthening our football traditions. I have seen many children and young people playing football on playgrounds and in the streets with balls bearing the World Cup 2018 official emblems. I believe, afterwards many will join football schools to become professionals players. I hope soon we will have a next generation of real professionals. We are optimistic about development of the Russian sports and economy!

You go in for sports supporting sports in the steel industry. Where do things stand at the moment?

I wish we had more competitors, especially among young people. We hold football, volleyball, street ball, pool, bowling, sporting and many more competitions. I welcome all to join us!

What would you like to wish your readers?

Steel industry is one of the main segments of the economy. Wishing all the steel producers and traders to make a good business and sport career.

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