14:47, 23 January 2019

SteelStructures'2018: Efficient Forum for Metal Construction Development

Russian and international metal construction professionals will exhibit the latest solutions at SteelStructures’2019, the 4th International Exhibition (May 14-17, Moscow, Russia).

SteelStructures’2019, the exhibition for steel products, equipment, and solutions for construction is a perfect platform for steel products manufacturers, suppliers and end-users. Steel structures manufacturers, steel service centers, steel and aluminium processors, as well as suppliers of materials for steel structures protection and joining will exhibit their latest products. Steel structures topic attracts professionals from certain industry segments and provides designers, steel structures manufacturers and equipment suppliers a perfect opportunity to present their latest products and solutions. The event’s specialization is its advantage over similar projects.

125 companies exhibited at SteelStructures’2018 while more than 3k visitors attended this platform for the metal construction professionals.

Many exhibitors point out that the event is highly-demanded by industry professionals for the platform provides a perfect opportunity to discuss the most pressing problems of the industry from steel structures design to production and use.

The program of SteelStructures’2019 includes more than 15 events.

Steel Structures: Market Structure and Prospects, the All-Russia Conference is always considered the main event in the exhibition program. The conference covers: steel structures application in Russia and globally, clearing the barriers of steel construction development, improving mechanisms of technical regulations etc.

In addition to that the program includes a number of conferences, seminars and roundtable on use of steel products in house, infrastructure and bridge building, steel structures design and expertise, changes in regulatory documents, cooperation between steel structures producers and steel products suppliers, contemporary equipment and solutions, welding technologies, steel structures protection etc.

Winners of Power of Metal contest will be awarded during SteelStructures’2019 in the nomination for the best solutions to use of aluminium in construction. Among the competitors are Russian companies specializing in steel structures design, manufacture and set up. Such criteria as novelty of design, as well as its technical and architectural levels are taken into account when evaluating the project. The Council of Experts, among them professionals in steel and aluminium products design chooses winners by vote.

Welcome to attend SteelStructures’2019, a unique platform helping find solutions to the most pressing problems of the metal construction industry!

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