16:13, 22 March 2024

Electronic registration now open for the June Castings and Metal Structures Exhibition complex

The electronic registration for the specialised exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2024 and Litmash.Russia'2024, as well as the forum for manufacturers of metal structures, products, and consumers of these products - SteelStructures’2024 - is now open.

To register online, simply complete a special form on the website and you will receive an electronic ticket. To receive a name badge for admission to the Metallurgists' Forum at Expocentre, present your ticket at the registration desk. You can either print and scan the ticket on the spot or scan it from your mobile device. Pre-registration can save time on the day of the exhibition.

Hall 3 and Forum at Expocentre will showcase a diverse selection of equipment and technologies for metallurgy, metal processing, machine building, and foundry production as part of the traditional exhibitions Metallurgy.Russia'2024 and Litmash.Russia'2024. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore the latest technologies, engineering solutions, and consumables from Russian, Chinese, and Turkish foundry companies and suppliers. This will enable them to gain insight into modern foundry industry processes, strengthen existing partnerships, establish new ones, and monitor market conditions and prices. Visitors to the exhibitions will receive detailed information on technological innovations and trends that cover a wide range of metals, foundry technologies, accessories, and castings.

The foundry industry produces over 60% of the billets used in mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft, and shipbuilding industries, with an annual production volume of 5 million tonnes. Currently, due to high demand, new production facilities and foundry sites are being opened to meet market demands. The foundry industry is undergoing technical re-equipment and a new round of investments. Demand for injection and investment casting equipment on the Russian market has significantly increased. There is also a rise in demand for modifiers for out-of-furnace treatment of iron and steel.

New Foundry Technologies, Politeg, TMK, RusLitTech, Litmashpribor, RLM, Meliteg, AKS Plant, EuroTechLit, Intema, TradeLit Engineering, NPP Technology, Uralchimplast, i3D, Alliance Prom, Karbohim and other companies will showcase their products, equipment, and solutions at the SteelStructures’2024 exhibition.

The event will bring together steel structure manufacturers, consumers, designers, constructors, and developers. The annual output of steel structures exceeds 4 million tonnes. Experts predict a 20-30% growth in this market by 2030. Infrastructure development, including new road and railway networks, airports, the Northern Sea Route, and other transport corridors, is expected in 2024. The housing and utilities sector will also undergo modernisation, requiring a significant number of steel structures. The demand for steel structures will be driven by infrastructure and industrial construction, as well as multi-storey construction based on steel frames and modular low-rise housing construction. The market development prospects will be discussed in detail during the SteelStructures’2024 exhibition on 4-6 June 2024.

Leading companies from the metal construction sector will present a new line of products, solutions, and services for the construction industry at the exhibition site. A large number of visitors from Russian regions, China, Turkey, and other countries are expected. Over 15 business events will take place in key areas of steel construction.

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